The boil water alert in Holly was lifted late Wednesday afternoon after two days.

All homes and businesses in the village of Holly and some nearby residents in the township had been required to boil their water before consuming it,  the village’s Department of Public Works ordered on Monday.

“All of the testing has come back negative,” the city reported as the alert was lifted at 4:22 p.m. Wednesday. “Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.”

A damaged valve was the reason from the alert, which covered anyone using water from the village system. The first test came back negative on Tuesday, but rules require a second successful test, which came on Wednesday.

From earlier:

“As a precaution the Village of Holly has issued a ‘Boil Water Alert’ for any customers using the Village of Holly water system, which includes the entire village as well as customers outside the village limits attached to the system,” the village reported in a late Monday afternoon announcement.

“The ‘Boil Water Alert’ is due to a broken valve replacement on a water main along the North Saginaw Street corridor. The ‘Boil Water Alert’ is in effect for at least the next 48 hours.”

Updates were given at:

• Holly village website at

• The village’s Facebook page.

• The village’s newsletter (subscribing through the village website)

• Calling the public works department at 248.634.2202.

More information

Residents should boil water for:

• drinking

• brushing teeth

• washing fruits and vegetables and preparing food

• mixing baby formula

• making ice

• giving water to pets

• using in coffee makers

• washing dishes by hand.

When washing clothes, you are asked to rinse with bottled, boiled or chlorinated water.

A tip sheet shared by the village also included a cautionary note that most water filters do not remove bacteria and viruses.

Also, use cooled water that has been boiled when giving bathes to young children and babies.

One does not need to boil water if:

• washing clothes

• taking showers

• flushing toilets

• washing cars

• household cleaning.

As of Monday, it appeared the boil water alert would be in place until at least Wednesday afternoon.